Cloud Practice Times Four

I divided my 12×9 watercolor block into four sections. I need a lot of practice representing clouds in watercolor.  Instead of painting a generic cloud, I used one of my photographs (previous practice sessions are here:  Gray Clouds in Front of Cloud Line…; and here: Watercolor Cloud Studies – First Trial.)

Future practice sessions will experiment with different blacks and grays (lamp black and charcoal gray were used below); different papers (hot pressed and rough); and different tints found in my photographic examples of various sky scapes.

Watercolor Sketch: Cloud Practice Times Four

Cloud Practice Times Four
Watercolor Sketch
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

Reference photo:

Photography: Sky Photography - Gray Clouds in Front of Cloud Line, with Evergreens: Ref Photo

Gray Clouds in Front of Cloud Line, with Evergreens

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