Face Practice with Mistakes

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been practicing to improve my sketching. Faces have always been difficult for me, so I draw them again and again. Below are some practice sketches, complete with mistakes. The 3/4 profile at the 11 O’Clock position did not work: it turned out to be a combination of a full-on and half profile. This is not bad as a proto-abstract combination of two different dimensions, but as a realistic rendering, it doesn’t pass muster. I really blew the nose (so to speak) on the next face (going clockwise). I couldn’t get it right and just kept scribbling. The other two faces are acceptable and recognizable as human.

I will continue to practice drawing faces and hopefully, the next stage of my artistic process will reveal itself

Sketch: Pencil - Face Practice with Mistakes

Face Practice with Mistakes
Pencil Sketch
8″x5″ 110# Moleskin Journal

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