Today’s free form began as a pencil sketch. The colors are muted and variable because there are layers of pigments. At first, the colors were bold, some of them less so, depending the properties of the pigments themselves. For example, the earth tone pigments (warm sepia in particular) are subdued and absorb more light than they reflect. Conversely, the sap green that I used needed to be toned down. I used terra verte as an overlay to achieve this.

Certain colors are ideal for glazing. They are transparent and not grainy at all. I use lemon yellow and phthalo blue to build up thin films through which the light must pass before it gets to viewers’ eyes.

Glazing layers can either change the color of the field onto which it is applied (i.e., yellow applied over blue yields green – for the most part) or other qualities of the original field such as luminosity (i.e., phthalo blue over manganese blue).

Watercolor: Abstract - S-Car 101717

9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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