Memory and Painting

Matisse, his Notes of a Painter he does not endorse working purely from nature or purely from imagination. He states, “… I think that one can judge the vitality and power of an artist who, after having received impressions directly from the spectacle of nature, is able to organize his sensations to continue his work in the same frame of mind on different days, and to develop these sensations…” (from Notes of a Painter)

I take this to mean memory is an important factor to apply to painting. This was what I had in mind for today’s study.  It is a continuation of my cactus composition from yesterday. I tried to remember the sensations that my regenerating cactus garden evoked in me and represent it on paper.

Watercolor: Rescued Cacti Remembered 080917

Rescued Cacti Remembered
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I like this rendition.

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