Confusing Intersection

I was in the same area where I caught the work of a somewhat sloppy graffiti artist (see Off the Mark). The spray paint must have been the work of the same person. However, thinking outside the box, or drawing outside the lines is sign of originality and creative thinking. Three canvases were available: sidewalk, grass and dead grass. The shadow adds a touch of confusion, but also alerts us to location – near a street, as betrayed by the street sign.

Photograph: Street Photograph and Shadow 080717

Confusing Intersection

4 thoughts on “Confusing Intersection

  1. I see these markings too. I think it is for marking for street work – where to dig, where not to dig, where the things that need fixing are to be fixed? The guy who marked our yard and sidewalk for where the gas line was, so we didn’t dig it up when we planted a tree, his work looked like this. It has always seemed to me that these marks in a mysterious code that only the workers know. I am always envious that I can’t read it and they can, and I don’t know why I feel like that!

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