Square Format and Shadows

I like the walk-your-bike sign below, but can’t imagine that a bike rider would see it. The ergonomics are just not there. However, someone walking a dog would be aware of signs on the ground, as their eyes would be focused at that level, anxiously awaiting the business of their wards.

I cropped this photography to a square format from its original 35mm aspect ratio. The symmetry of the square is appealing. I found that this edit was necessary to show the iron embedded in the sidewalk and minimize the shadow of my camera on the upper right.  I should have thought about this when I shot the picture.

Photograph: Square Format Sign Embedded in Street 070116

Walk Your Bike Sign

The photo below combines the design of shadows cast from structures above, with patterns embedded in the pavement.

Photography: Shadows, Square Format 070116


Its original format was also 35mm, but the square format suited the design.

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