Cancer Hope

I have a bit of understanding of medical science so I was pleased to be the designated interpreter between the patient and the oncologist. The doc and I hit it off very well, especially when he started talking about cancer cell mutations. He really warmed up when I asked if HOX gene mutations play any role in cancer.  I am not a geneticist, but have read about some of the basic work done with fruit fly genes.

One of the most fascinating bits of information he told me was, some patients that have cancer cells with a particular mutation that can be treated with a pill rather than chemotherapy. Take a pill, shrink the tumor!!   This was inconceivable in the days when the word ‘cancer’ was whispered in fear.

My study below shows a blot of cancer (in sepia). Behind the cancerous blob, one can see the  lungs trying to turn the blue deoxygenated blood back to red, as it becomes re-oxygenated.

The whitish spots within the sepia are areas of remission where the pills did their healing.

Watercolor and Ink: Abstract Cancer Hope

Cancer Hope
9″x6″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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