Self Portrait – Revisited

I do believe that a self portrait, in addition to being a representation of one’s likeness, contains a visual narrative about one’s relationship with one’s self. It is a time capsule that says captures the person’s identity.

As with family snapshots, it is worthwhile now and then to revisit one’s self portraits. Below is a favorite of mine.

One of the narratives of this snapshot may be found in my post, Evaporating Self Portrait. The reading of the photo in that post was a bit different than what I wanted to express. I was feeling a bit invisible at the time. The lack of attention from my brother and other factors led me to apply some of the photographic techniques that I had been learning, to make my feelings visible.

I can remember the feelings from that time, which are quite different than how I feel presently.

Behold, evaporating Jack:

self portrait long exposure

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