Yellow Teeth

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Two factors influenced my artwork today. First, one of my favorite artists, Paul Klee, described a way to ‘make visible’ one’s inner state was to take a pencil point ‘for a walk’. Although I’m not clear about how to translate my inner state to the paper, I believe the practice of ‘taking a point for a walk’ with an idea in mind is a good start.

The other influence was Wassily Kandinsky and his thoughts about color and shape. His visual canon equated certain colors with specific shapes. For instance, he associated yellow with triangular shapes, blue with circles and red with squares. However, Kandinsky did not have an issue with changing things around.  He entertained the possibility of visual dissonance in the same way as musicians of his time worked with sonic dissonance (i.e., Arnold Schoenberg).

Klee and Kandinsky had a lot in common. They were both heavily influenced by music; they both taught at the Bauhaus; they were both members of an artist’s group called The Blue Four.

I know that these two artists will continue to inspire me. It is my responsibility to ‘make visible’.

Watercolor: Abstract Freeform in Blue, Yellow and Red

Yellow Teeth
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


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