Parallel Planes

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I did a bit of sketching prior to painting today’s study.  I have been obsessed with the passage of time, time lines, the color yellow and shapes lately.

My sketch consisted “time’s arrow” between two flat planes. The far plane reflects the yellow time line in a faint purple hue.

Watercolor: Abstract - Two Planes with Arrows

Parallel Planes
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The blue pane through which we see the yellow time-line ribbon stands for present time in my (current) visual element vocabulary. (Other elements include sepias and yellows to represent the past.)


Sometimes a unique combination of words can trigger new thoughts or feelings. Poetry is a good example of this. I venture to say that a poet must work very hard to craft word combinations by their meaning, meter or other unquantifiable factors.  Perhaps some poets write or shout out words or sounds that are directly connected to the way they are feeling at the moment. Perhaps they look at the page later, after putting it aside for a while and learn something new about themselves when they read their words again.

Today’s study was a simple visual design using some of my visual grammar (which, at this point is concerned with the passage of time). I enjoy looking at this work. It provides a framework for new thoughts.

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