On the Road Again – and Fireplugs

It is that time of year again: the pilgrimage to see Sidra on her birthday. It is usually Burbank, California. Now and then her parents come up to San Jose with her so we can celebrate.  Sidra is our granddaughter. As you read this, she will have a digit in the ‘tens’ column indicating her age. No more a single digit-er, she.

Joy and I packed the car, checked the air in the tires, inspected our new windshield (another story) and got on the road at about 10 in the morning. It is about a 5.5-6 hour drive to Los Angeles where they live (Burbank, actually). The weather was overcast most of the way and it even rained a little, which is unusual.

We stopped at a coffee place along the way on Interstate 5 (which the locals call ‘The 5″) just before a stretch of road called “The Grapevine”. The Grapevine is part of The 5 that goes over the San Gabriel mountains just before LA.

The fireplug template, lying dormant somewhere in the back of my head suddenly activated. Here is: The Grapevine Fire Plug!

Digital Photo - Fire Plug Grape Vine

Fire Plug at the Grapevine
Digital Photo

Cool, no?

We got to Burbank and my granddaughter asked if she and I could go outside, “Just for a while.” I said, “Sure, that would be great!”  She gently led me in the direction of the park where she loved to go with me.  I didn’t let on, but instead changed it to a fire hydrant hunt.

Here is Sidra jumping for joy upon finding a (not-so) rare orange Burbank fire plug.

Digital Photo - Burbank Fire Hydrant + Sidra Jumping

Burbank Fire Hydrant + Sidra Jumping
Digital Photo

I hope to continue my periodic series of interviews with Sidra (see also Sidereal Lessons) about being a sibling. My last interview with her was on William’s first birthday.


3 thoughts on “On the Road Again – and Fireplugs

  1. Happy Birthday to Sidra. Your posts have set me wondering about English fire hydrants. We don’t call them plugs certainly – a plug only ever goes in the sink, bath or electrical socket. We must have them too but I have never noticed them. I will make a point of looking out for them. I fear the experience may be disappointing after the photos you’ve shared 🙂

    • Thank you Liz. Sidra appreciated the birthday greeting from across the pond.

      I would be interested in seeing some English fire hydrants. I was in England a while ago, but don’t remember seeing them. I guess I was less observant then.

      • I looked out for them yesterday but didn’t spot any. I am driving out of the city in another direction today so will look again. I am resisting the temptation to ask; how long will it take me to see one I wonder…

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