Back Yard Take 2

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I painted the view from the back yard again.  Today’s rendition is very similar to yesterday’s: same composition and mostly same color schema.

Watercolor Painting - View of Back Yard Take 2

Back Yard – Take 2
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I painted the front railing a warmer color, to bring it closer to the viewer. Also, painted red within the foliage of the fig tree (on the right). I thought that as the complement to the green, it would contrast with the green and add some depth within the crown of the tree. That didn’t seem to work too well.

I toned down the shape at the left-middle shape and tilted it slightly, as I did with the shape on the upper right. The most obvious change is in the treatment of the sky, which I manipulated to emphasize the trees.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a different subject to paint.

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