A Second Go at Jack Fruit

Today’s experiment

Unlike the pointillist experiment of yesterday, I tried a different approach to sketching the elusive Jack Fruit.

First of all, I worked from a much better photograph: a close up of a single fruit. I saw that the spiny projections were more fully formed (although smaller), the further they were away from the stem. One can see them at the periphery of the fruit. The edge of the field of raised spiny processes is across a yellow and brown moat that surrounds the stem. The raised brownish spots were not dots at all near the stem, were short lines that radiated outward.

I didn’t see a regular pattern, as one would expect from say, a sunflower flower, but the further one travels from the stem along the surface of the fruit, room starts to open up between the radiating, linear brown mounds. The mounds start to coalesce into a pyramid shape, and start to fill in those spaces. The seem to aspire to a sunflower flower pattern, but not quite.

Here is the photo:

Photograph of a Single Jack Fruit at Whole Foods

Here is my rendition:

Watercolor Sketch of Single Jack Fruit at Whole Foods

Single Jack Fruit
5″x7″ 140# Rough Watercolor Block


I began this sketch in pencil, trying to draw much of the detail. Instead of using dots, as I did in my previous attempt, I tried to mimic the organization shown on the fruit: dashes near the stem, and triangles near the edge.

I opted not to go cross-eyed, and painted the details of the spiny processes in positions to represent the different regions of the surface of the fruit: the triangular brown patch at the bottom, the finer spines at the periphery, the radiating lines around the stem.

I used several different washes, including phthalo yellow green, and lemon yellow to unify the separate, markings, which I painted first.

Wish list

I would love to see a time lapse of a growing Jack Fruit. How does it start out? Is there an initial symmetry? How are the new spines added. Are stretch marks involved?

If anyone know this information, please let me know

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