Amazing Similarities

This post falls into the category of the more things change, the more they stay the same, at least on the surface. The picture below was taken of my little brother and me. It seems as if I’m always trying to get into the act.

Little brother and me:

little brother and me

The picture is not dated, but I’m betting that he is about a year old, which means that I am 5. My line of sight is not directed at the camera. Maybe someone is behind the picture taker trying to get me to look, or maybe it’s one of those twin-lens reflexes and I’m looking at the wrong lens. At least my gaze is somewhere near the camera, unlike my little brother. Oh well, he’s one. Understandable. Maybe I was posed.

I never noticed before, but my hands are touching little brother’s. Mom told me that I was not that happy with him at first. She told me that I said something like, “He’s no good for a pet.” I suppose I was hoping for a puppy. I’m glad I got over that in short order.

Big brother and me:

big brother and me

I took this picture myself. Looks like I haven’t outgrown trying to put myself in the picture. Mike is disinterested as usual. He is autistic, low functioning and has never spoken. It was good being close to him, at any rate. At least he was still for a couple of moments. Maybe Mike thought I was no good for a pet either.

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