Review of Photo Show

My first photography show about my autistic brother Michael was highlighted in yesterday’s blog post. It was reviewed in Art in America, an internationally distributed monthly dedicated to covering the contemporary art world. What an honor! The article is listed below. I would like to thank P. C. Smith, the reviewer, (and commend him for his obvious good taste). [1]

I agree with Mr. Smith’s final line of the review: “Jack Davis’s project seems incomplete…”  In my view, some of the incompleteness lies with the fact that during the course of my project, I only tried to connect with Mike and the people in his immediate environment. My photography was limited in this respect, as well. This blog has enabled me to connect with other siblings, parents, ASD and Asperger’s people (Aspies, respectfully) directly. It has been a very engaging and satisfying experience, one that I hope to nurture.

Thank you all for your interest and readership.

Review in Art in America of Brotherly Love Photography Show 1995

[1] P. C. SMITH is an artist, recipient of a 2005 Joan Mitchell Foundation Prize, who often contributes to Art In America.

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