My First Show

I was invited to join a cooperative art gallery called Pulse Art, in New York City (now defunct). I had my first exhibition there in late 1995. The show was a combination of family photos and photographs I took of my autistic brother Michael in an attempt to understand him and my relationship with him. Mike is also nonverbal and very low functioning.Announcement for Brotherly Love Photo Show

Many of the photographs have been posted on this blog (Three Pumpkins, I Love This Picture, A Visit to Willowbrook, Mike’s Building at Willowbrook, The Eyes Have It, A Walk with Mike, Complex Motor Tics?I Really Have to Dig Out My Journals, Name This Photograph, Mike at his Group Home, High Five, Ring Around the Rosy, Party Animal, Mike and Dad, Those Moments, The Way We Were, Everybody Loves Michael, Mike’s World).  I hope you will browse the rest of my blog, as I have not linked to all the photos shown in the exhibition. Below are some views of the show as installed.

First wall of Brotherly Love photography showSecond and third walls of Brotherly Love photography showFourth wall of Brotherly Love photography show


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