Parallel Parking in Flatland

One can see that Flatland, as viewed from the third dimension is rife with texture. What is texture in Flatland? I imagine it manifests as inexplicable holes in two dimensional space and its figures. The rectangular figure below must have been surprised when it fractured while parallel parking. It suddenly spawned several other irregularly shaped figures. I wonder if its consciousness was divided amongst them.

Photography: Street Photography - Parallel Parking in Flatland

Parallel Parking in Flatland

3 thoughts on “Parallel Parking in Flatland

    • In the original Flatland, Abbot describes how F.L.’s residents perceive a pencil being thrust though its plane. They see an ever-widening circle as the sharpened cone enters its world.

      Makes one wonder what we in 3 dimensions see when a 4th dimensional creature pokes its ‘pencil’ into our world.


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