Passion Fruit Revisited

The passion fruit vine strangling the Japanese maple tree (see Mystery Flower) is a short distance from my house. The other day, the normal, green hue of the bushy vine was dotted with orange. On closer inspection, I saw that some of the fruit that had been green, were now orange.

Photograph: Passion Fruit in Stages of Ripeness 061317

Green, Yellow, Orange Passion Fruit

Here are a couple of ripe ones.

Photograph: Ripe Passion Fruit 061317

Ripe Passion Fruit

The curlicues are seeking something to grab, perhaps a branch of the Japanese maple.

I was expecting the fruit to be a tough-skinned solid, but it was surprisingly soft. It broke apart and I found this inside.

Photograph: Passion Fruit Insides 061317

Passion Fruit – Insides

I’ve never seen anything like it.  Ain’t nature grand?

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