Looking Out or In?

Before I started this study, I masked off a rectangular area to remain free of paint. My idea was to keep this as a window on a fantasy life. I proceeded to layer the composition outside the white space, sponging off some areas to lighten them, and drawing lines with my dip pen.

I had envisioned painting a realistic eye within the box, but settled on a cartoonish one instead. I painted many eyelashes (reminding me of the rays of the rising sun of the old Japanese flag), instead of the usual three eyelashes of the iconic eye that I developed.

A first glance at the this composition does not disclose my original intent. It looks more like the frightened square eye of some kind of sea creature than a contemplation of another realm. Only if one can imagine the eye as separate from its background does one notice that the rectilinear outline may be a window. Given this interpretation of the rectangle, the next question is: Does the eye look out or in?

Watercolor: Abstract - Looking Out or In?

Looking Out or In?
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

10 thoughts on “Looking Out or In?

  1. I see the eye looking at what’s behind it, which give it a nice paradoxal perspective. It’s looking *out* of a window from another dimension at a spaghettimonster which does not seem to from ours either. The eye could be, though. Awesone painting.

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