Getting Inside Out

I recently bought a turntable that has a computer connection. Now comes the fun part: recording hundreds of my vinyl records that I bought in the 1970s and 1980s. Most of my long playing records are folk music: Irish ulleann bagpipes pipes; English Northumbrian folksongs; Jewish Klezmer music; Old Timey (pre-bluegrass) American music; French hurdy gurdy instrumental music and even some Macedonian folk music.

I used to play Irish fiddle music back then, and was pretty good. I played at the Winfield Folk Festival; several Renaissance Fairs; The New Jersey Folk Festival;   Coffee Houses; sessions at Irish taverns; I played for folk dancers and was even privileged to accompany a dance group to England and France.  But I haven’t played a note since the 1990s.

All this came flooding back as I unlocked the time machine that is my brain with the music now making its way into my computer.

I was thinking about how much music meant to me back then, how it helped shape me, and how much it reverberates inside my head. My watercolor and ink study below compares my inner music sensory library to the music I actually express these days.

Watercolor: Abstract Expression - Music

Getting the Inside Out
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

9 thoughts on “Getting Inside Out

  1. You know what drew me to your blog ,that’s the title of your blog – getting Inside Out – because I have a my own facebook & instagram travel page and blogging page with the name Inside Out with Rahul I thought let me have a look…unlike my posts, your’s isn’t a travel or spiritual write up but it was wonderful reading it as it underlines the fact that irrespective of on which side of globe you are , importance & power of music is same in a way connects us all ..

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    • Thank you, Rahul! Yes, music is very powerful indeed. That is one of the reasons I stayed away from it so long. It is a strong, strong link to the past for me, one who, in theory, should be living in the moment. Thank you so much for your comment, Rahul.

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      • You are most Welcome and please take music as a healing therapy for past sorrows if any and a soul purifying tool..don’t let music make tears ,let it bring the bliss in you and you will see wonders happening around you in no time ! 😊

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