Room with No View

Happy New Year everyone.  Here’s hoping for a happy and healthy 2016 for all.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

Unless I have an idea before I sit down to paint, it is exceedingly difficult to decide what to do. This morning I was looking out the window in my studio. From my desk, where I paint, there is absolutely no view as I look out. I have a clock on the windowsill, the side of a modular bookcase, a bronze statue of a jaguar, but they are mostly in silhouette.

However, I decided that this non-view would be a worthy subject for a painting.

Watercolor: Still Life with Clock, Window and Bookshelf

Room with No View
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

The pale blue outside the window is a faint cobalt blue wash. The darker blue on the left side of the paper is cobalt turquoise. They both have the same degree of graininess. The browns were painted with sepia.

When I shade my eyes against the morning glare, I can see some details what is otherwise a totally dark set of shapes against the window. The above composition is comprised of silhouette shapes with some details – a combination of the backlit and shaded presentations of the scene.

The telephone and power lines outside the window complete the design.

If I move my chair a bit, I can see a bit of the neighbor’s fig tree that they recently pruned back drastically. I miss the tangled foliage.  There was some scenery.

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