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The journal pictured yesterday was where I first started to gather my thoughts  about how to present the relationship between my brother[1] and the rest of my family. The statement of purpose is dated April 1992; my photography began a few years earlier.

handwritten title page journal

This journal chronicles visits to Michael’s group home and photographs I took of him, but also my attendance at meetings where his goals, progress and health were discussed. There are bits of stories and ideas  from my other journals, feedback from photography classes I attended and other musings.

I want to present a coherent narrative of the origin my ideas about how to portray my brother.  However I  reserve the right to be non-linear. For example, if I come across an interesting entry in this or other journals relating to previous posts, I will include it even if it is out of chronological order.  As a result of this review of my journals, perhaps some new ideas will present themselves which will enable me to present a more comprehensible story of my family.

I am open to any ideas you, dear reader, may have.

[1] My brother Michael is a low-functioning, nonverbal, autistic individual.

2 thoughts on “Mike Project Book

  1. The journal entries will be a wonderful addition to the photos, and having written some family history “books” I know
    sometimes you have to “skip around” to connect events and perceptions.

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