I Found My Journals

I started my blog in January of this year (2013), with the intent to focus on different aspects of autism, being a brother of a low-functioning, nonverbal, autistic individual.

(This is an appropriate place to thank all of you who have been reading my blog entries. I am deeply grateful for your ‘likes’ and comments.)

In the sometimes irrational, disordered environment of growing up, I was drawn to the order of engineering and science. At the same time, I had a need to create. Perhaps I could create something that makes sense. Using my visual talents, I started a photographic project to try to make sense of the effects of autism on my family and me. I hoped to make a record that would be relevant to other families in similar circumstances. Over the course of a number of years I visited my brother, took pictures and wrote journal entries.

In February of this year, I remarked on the fact that my blog entries relied on memory and I was unsure if I remembered correctly. I wished that I had my journals. But I was a bit apprehensive about finding them, since I might be faced with differences in my recollections now as apposed to what I wrote then.

I found my journals. The one pictured below is the first to concentrate wholly on the photography of my brother. We’ll see what happens.

photography journal

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