4 thoughts on “High Class Jewels

  1. I always like it when signs are misspelled or grammatically incorrect – High Class Jewel’s – unless Jewel is a noun possessing something that is out of the photo frame – High Class Jewel’s favorite chewing gum? High Class Jewel’s beautiful soprano voice? Or maybe it’s a verb contraction – High Class Jewel’s coming down the street. High Class Jewel’s baking a birthday cake….I may be getting carried away. You can see that I really like grammar. And, I haven’t even started on how much I like the building you captured – imagine those upstairs spaces…Thank you for this photo, it’s been a lot of fun examining it.

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      • I have the feeling it’s possible but not probable, I just think the sign was ungrammatical. People have an uneasiness about the apostrophe, I have noticed, either adding or subtracting one at the wrong time. As I said, I’m kind of extra interested in spelling and grammar (I loved taking foreign languages because of the fun I had fitting the words together by following the rules, I could never speak worth anything!). So this sign really was an extra treat courtesy of one little apostrophe!

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