Dragonfly Mugging for the Camera

When I first saw this flying object in the back yard, I thought it was a hummingbird, a red-headed hummingbird. It alit on a plant on the porch and I noticed the four wings and realized it was a dragonfly.  I went out to get a closer look. I approached slowly. It flew away a couple of times, but I stood still and it came back. I was able to get pretty close.

At the bookstore we have some bookmarks that have dragonfly charms attached. I’ve seen dragonfly jewelry: beautiful, iridescent-winged, ethereal creatures.

My brave dragonfly, below looks like a fat, juicy, winged grasshopper.

Photography: Back Yard Photography - Hummingbird-sized Dragonfly

Hummingbird-sized Dragonfly

He was a friendly cus though, even turning his head and smiling at me before flying away for good.

Photography: Back Yard Photography - Dragonfly Mugging for the Camera

Dragonfly Mugging for the Camera

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