White and Reflection

Today’s watercolor experiment:

My experiment today is a full scale study of the warmup exercise I did earlier today (Warmup – Use of White).

I followed the same steps as I did in the warmup. My goals were to create a passable reflection and to make the sky more dramatic than in the warmup exercise.  One of my discoveries while working on this compositions was testing the wetness of the loaded brush before applying it to the paper. I used scrap watercolor paper on which I dabbed the loaded brush. If it was too wet, I would dab it on a piece of paper towel. If I got a dry brush effect, I would add a bit more water. In this way, I could control the brushstrokes on the paper.

In the study below, I carefully avoided the outline of the house and its reflection in painting the sky and the water, respectively. I used the cobalt blue/yellow ochre combination for the shoreline. I applied yellow ochre to the house and the reflection. After drying I tried to smooth out the reflection and lighten the water area on each side, by stroking a clean, moist brush across the yellow ochred reflection.

Watercolor: Reflection of a House

House Reflection
9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I did achieve one of my goals. The sky and water are more dramatic and I am happy with them. However, the reflection is not up to par. I need more practice, but it will be a worthwhile achievement to be able to paint reflections.

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