3 thoughts on “Street Couches: Uneasy Chair (2023)

    • Well, where I used to live, there were very few couches on the street. I found it fascinating that I find so many nowadays. So, first, there’s fascination. They also tell me a bit about the people who tossed them: the furniture that they chose to bring into their homes and live with, at least for a while. Finally the care (or disregard) for the furniture after its useful life.

      What do you think about the series? Any meaning for you?
      Best regards,

      • My first thought was u were selling furniture and displaying it in an awkward way. But you kept posting about it and I became curious. For me, it has no meaning. Do you know the saying “ Out with the old, in with the new”? That’s the world we live in. Everybody always looking for new things. It’s just furniture that’s going to probably be fixed and sold.

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