It Looked Better In My Mind

My watercolor wash  (More: No Power) was the first stage in an experiment I performed in my mind’s eye (not exactly a Gedanken experiment ala Einstein).  The idea was to float a neutral color on top of a colored field and set up a dissonance between foreground and background.  Hans Hofmann’s paintings were chock full of ‘push and pull‘ visual elements.

The result of my ‘neutral’ brown (Terra Rosa, precisely) was disappointing.

Watercolor: Abstract - It Looked Better In My Mind

It Looked Better In My Mind
Watercolor Abstract
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I should have done extensive testing with color strips, juxtaposing all combinations of colors, taking advantage of the age-old knowledge that the color red projects toward the foreground and  the color blue recedes into the background.

No more color theory Gedanken experiments without testing.

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