Counting People

One person, one vote, right?  That’s what I thought. But who knows nowadays…  Perhaps my news fast* went on for too long, and I missed something.

This was the occupancy sign notifying us of the lawful limit of people who could occupy the dining area where we had lunch today.

Photograph: Occupancy Sign 133.9 7-25-17


I enlarged it for readability:

Photograph: Occupancy Sign Closeup 133.9 7-25-17

That’s Right, 133.9

Lord knows how people are divided up. How many tenths is each person worth? Are there categories of people who are assigned value more than 10 tenths? Who are the ones worth less than a whole person? Who decided this and when?  I’d like to know.

*my poetic license is in use here; I have an unhealthy need to keep aware of national news, as much as it sickens me.

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