Rumble Tile with Screw

I never had this problem in NYC, before I left. The task of food shopping there was much different than it is outside of a city where there are parking lots and wide aisles down which one drives the sturdy shopping cart. In the city, when shopping for several day’s worth of food, one took a rickety thin-wire cart with, and tried not to overfill it for the careful roll back to the apartment.

The problem with suburban food shopping is entirely different. It is the damn rumble tiles that one has to traverse on the way in or out of the stores. There is no way to get out of the store with big wire cart, filled to the brim, without shaking the hell out of it, and hoping that the eggs are well cushioned from the tectonic vibrations.

The picture below is a portion of one of these rumble tiles. Careful, there is a foreign object on it! Don’t bother. You would notice it even if you ran it over.

Photograph: Rumble Tile with Screw

Rumble Tile with Screw

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