Review of Photographs of My Brother

I began this blog in January, 2013 with a mission to reveal my experience as the younger brother of a severely handicapped individual. Mike is autistic, very low functioning and has never spoken. I began photographing Mike on his 40th birthday in 1989. Today’s post is the first in a recapitulation of those photographs.

I urge the reader to visit the original posts for more details.

This is Mike and me while he was at home, first displayed in a very early post January 30, 2013, (I Love This Picture):

photograph autistic siblings

This is also a picture of Mike when he was at home. This was the first graphic representation I remember that showed Mike’s isolation (Fences, January 25, 2013):

depression isolation autistic sibling

Mike’s presence made itself known in unexpected ways. I didn’t realize until many years later that the pumpkin I, the middle child, carved for Halloween was radically different than the ones representing my older and younger brother (Three Pumpkins January 28, 2013, Three Pumpkins October 10, 2013).

Three pumpkins on the stoop. Middle pumpkin with a frown

Apropos of the season, here is a picture of Mike at a Halloween Party to which I had the pleasure of attending (Please see Halloween Party with Mike, October 17, 2013, for the details):

Mike at Halloween Party

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