365 Days!

Carving nature at it’s joints?  Not quite. It took me 18+ days from January 1st, 2013 to get my first post out, but I have completed the past 365 days with a post every day. It’s been great discipline to keep to my schedule and has helped me to keep learning. I made some adjustments to my original mission, but I’m still committed to posting my personal take on autism, neuroscience, mental illness, and artistic expression. I’ve learned a lot from comments made those who follow me, and I have made some good friends through this medium.

Thank you one and all! I look forward to the next 365 days!

4 thoughts on “365 Days!

  1. Fantastic effort Jack, and a marvellous blog it is too. You often give me food for thought, and due to your recent upsurge of artworks I am chomping at the bit to do some of my own again. I miss being able to indulge myself in two-dimensional impressionism! Thank you for your wonderful friendship over this past year, and for sharing your journey with me. I feel most fortunate.



    • Thank you as well, M. I always appreciate your comments, which are very insightful and helpful. I love your posts as well, although it is kind of like taking a drink from a firehose. You are a torrent of ideas, observations and different ways of looking at things! Your friendship means a lot to me also and am so glad that we met up.
      All the best!


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