First Glimpse

Shortly after 8 PM on April 17, 2013, my granddaughter became a big sister. She had been waiting for this occasion her entire life (except for the first 6 months of it). Usually, Siddy has so much energy, she has to jump up and down in order to dissipate it. But even that was not enough to compensate for the energy she felt when she finally saw her brother in person. It was love at first sight She was so thrilled, that she vibrated with excitement!

Sidra Looking at William

Although I don’t know much “about birthin’ no babies”, baby William looks great to me. He has all his fingers and toes and all the other necessary parts; his eyes are closed most of the time so far (after less than a day in the atmosphere); he is quiet; the time I saw him cry, his entire face metamorphosed and turned red, he cried and the next moment he was back to his old (read: new) self.

Baby William

I had better sense than to ask Sidra details about how she felt about being a big sister. She hasn’t had a lot of experience yet. She did say, “It is just what I imagined.”

This will be an exiting journey for her, and for me as well.

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