Sibs with Kids?

I’ve been at hospital all day (4.17.13). [Note: I like to post shortly after midnight, so the date on this post is 4.18.13] No baby yet. Siddy is still a Sib-to-Be. I will interview her later in the week after she is an actual sibling. Today’s thoughts are about having children.
Dodging a bullet?
Full disclosure: my daughters are actually my step daughters, whom I met when they were already grown up; I don’t have children of my own.  Some say that I dodged a bullet by not having them.   I’ve never been part of the labor and delivery process, but I’m great in the waiting room. I can leave the delivery room in a flash as soon as a doc or nurse comes in to do an examination.
Is childhood a factor?
I wonder if my childhood with Mike, my low functioning, autistic, nonverbal brother, factored in to my married-without-children status. If so, it was subconscious. Growing up, I wanted to have kids.
Is not having kids common with sibs?
I have questions for adult siblings of severely autistic or otherwise handicapped brothers or sisters:
1) Do have children of your own, or plan to have a family?
2) Was your brother or sister a factor in this?
    a) Was it a factor for, or against?
    b) What are your feelings about having your own children? I have mixed feelings, myself.
3) Does anyone know if there is any data about the number of children of siblings of severely disabled having their own children?
Oops, it’s C-section time. Gotta go.

4 thoughts on “Sibs with Kids?

  1. good luck with delivery. I am disabled ( well thats what they tell me all the time), women with epilepsy do have children, lots of my friends do, but I don’t. When I was trying the doctors put the fear of god into me. With the medication it is supposted to be a military operation, and any chance of privatly going off and finding a partner to make babies is ended by the barrage of gynocologists, and neurologists telling me that they want a twitter feed to my bellly. it hasn’t put my sister off, she has two, a boy and a girl. they are great fun. Personally i want children but it has always worried me that someone in social services would make a judgement about me and decide that I wasn’t a fit mum. I meet lots of mums who haven’t got epilepsy who worry about this and they are all great mum’s.

    • Thanks, Ruth. The delivery went very well indeed.

      Were the docs worried about the effects of the drugs on your having a baby? Would having a child adversely affect your health as someone with epilepsy?

      Glad you have a niece and nephew! Kids can be a lot of fun.



      • I think they were monitoring all of the above, but once you have a nipper, like most of my friends with epilepsy, everything happens as normal. Most of the many people I know with epilepsy get along fine with a supportive spouse. I can imagine it being a bit difficult without one.
        Glad the delivery went well! hope parents and sister are enjoying themselves!

        🙂 don’t know who jack benny is….? but I’m sure your dad plays better than me!!


        • Thanks, Ruth.

          Jack Benny? He was an old vaudvillian here in the US. In the 1950s and 60s he had a TV show in which he played a real skinflint. He had a deadpan delivery and in my opinion, one of the best comedians. One of his bits was to play a Kreutzer étude so badly, it was hysterical. Do look him up on YouTube or Netflix or something.


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