Normally, I’m pretty sensitive.  I have a lot of trouble taking pictures of people. When I used to take photographs in New York City, I concentrated mainly on street scenes and architecture, seldom on people. I didn’t have the courage to confront people with my camera. Whenever I took pictures of people on the street, it was with stealth. But I took comfort in the fact that even the great Walker Evans used a hidden camera to capture unguarded personal moments in NYC’s subways.[1]

It was different with Michael. He didn’t know what I was up to. I could get as close as I wanted and he didn’t seem to mind.  At least I didn’t think he minded. Perhaps, I wanted to provoke him.

In the picture below however, it appears that Mike had had enough. I was lucky. His hand only cut off half the picture.

autistic brother annoyed with photographer

He seems to be in good humor about it. He should be. I let him wear my hat!

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