Party Animal

I mentioned a few posts ago that I should reallyretrieve my journals. I am sure they are laden with details about the first dance I attended with my older brother.

It was wintertime and I arrived at the lodge first.  I didn’t know if Michael was looking forward to it or if he even knew what it was all about. He is profoundly retarded, autistic and nonverbal.  I was excited when the van from his group home drove up and I saw him with his housemates.  Having been at his residence previously, I could imagine the preparations.

autistic sibling party preparation

Michael and his group made their way to join residents from other group homes to the tables surrounding the crowded old-time ballroom dance floor. I don’t remember if the music was loud, but I do remember my surprise when one of the counselors grabbed him and started to DANCE!  Now that I think about it, I remember he seemed to enjoy playing ring-around-the-rosie with my younger brother and me on a camping trip once.  I was thrilled just the same.

autism sibling dancing

Yes, that really is Michael dancing.

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