2 thoughts on “Street Photography: Side Street near Radio City Music Hall NYC (1980s)

  1. Was very focused on Radio City Hall itself and did not notice that it was a side street.

    Came to know of the RCH in the early 1990s – not so far from this building – in one of my story books of the time.

    [probably it was a character who lived in New York and was living their new life in another state].

    Or perhaps there was an awards night. In that case – a magazine with all the outfits and buildings.

    All the verticals Jack!

    And that cab.

    Now there is another building on the side of the RCH with all the scaffolding a building could wish for – or dread.

    Also this is a great example of New York and its *lights* – specifically the neon and the allied elements like xenon.

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