Memories of Michael: Journal Entry About Mike’s Baby Book (1989)

I am a visual person, so a lot of my memories are triggered by visual images. Journal entries provide another way to access memory, perhaps at a deeper level.

Memories of Michael: Journal Entry About Mike's Baby Book (1989)
Journal Entry About Mike’s Baby Book (1989)
Memories of Michael

4 thoughts on “Memories of Michael: Journal Entry About Mike’s Baby Book (1989)

  1. Hi Jack:

    the words are all over the place – the ones in the blue font.

    That was OCR in those days [1989] – or was it a filing of the present?

    Also there are things which are blocked or greyed out.

    [and it appears it only happens if people click on the images to embiggen them – I would not be able to see the right-hand page so easily]…

    • Hi Adelaide,
      Not sure what you mean. The image is a photo of one of my journal entry from years ago. The grayed-out words are not meant to be read. The all-over-the-place words you refer to are probably due to my handwriting. I probably should have made the image bigger. Sorry you’re having trouble with this post.

      • Thank you Jack!

        So there were a lot of blue text blocks or words that I recognised as being from the post

        and they were all over the WordPress file – or at least OUTSIDE the image.

        I accept the reason for the blocked-out words which were not meant to be read [but still could be read by a determined person!]

        All the “blue words” were like separate links and they were clickable and resolved to the image [or did NOT resolve].

        Perhaps it was a cranky thing between my server and the file or the way WordPress saved these particular layers.

        I suspect, in fact, it was the layers.

        I CAN read your handwriting and I DID.

        Making images bigger has its own problems especially when it comes to the margins.

        When I move to the Pinterest icon, this is when the spread-out blue words turn up.

        They are literally everywhere – words like “Wichael” and “hawtieler” and “sometting” and “focussengs” and “infantego” and “segneficance”. And “duceferie”.

        When I mouse over separate “words” or word forms they are NOT clickable like I had seen yesterday.

        Words like “laughing” do HIGHLIGHT.

        And it COULD BE how your HANDWRITING was read by the device [ie as graphic or as text].

        And it is possibly/probably/definitely on my end.

        Also the words appear to be stretched thinly.

        Some of them – like “attention” – are diagonal…

        Maybe I will send you a screenshot of what is happening or even a video of the steps.

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