6 thoughts on “Tendril on a Ripe Passionfruit

    • Nature certainly is grand. Even though the tendril pictured is a ‘failed’ one. The continual winding that created the tight, conical shape shows that, if it had come into contact with a branch, the winding process would have secured its position in space.


      • I’ve seen this phenomenon on other vines, where there is no attachment and the tendril coils, but they’ve always looked looser (like a spiral notebook wire or corkscrew curls). I also notice the tendrils in their straight position, questing out for something to grab (right now is prime growing season here for a certain invasive vine that is super at this job and I see the tendril everywhere as I run on the trail, waiting for one of them to try to take hold of me). And then we also get bigger vines that over a period of years circle trees and strangle them. I guess I’m really going on but for some reason this subject is fascinating to me and your photo adds to my mental collection of vine images.

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        • That’s true. I wonder if all passionfruit tendrils behave as the one in the picture or if their tight curling or wandering properties are dependent on the species of vine from which they originate!


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