A Walk with Mike

In looking at the photographs, I ask myself if I remember what happened at the time or am I picking up cues from the pictures and inferring what must have happened? I do know, that in this first picture, Michael is reaching for me, though it may look like he’s fending me off.


Michael liked to walk. He could walk a lot faster than Mom and Dad, pictured in the background. When he did, I would walk ahead with him. I got pretty good at taking one-handed pictures. When it was time for him to go back to his group home, sometimes he just wanted to keep walking. By creatively blocking and steering him and talking calmly, I was able to help coax him back.

I call the photograph pictured below, ‘Laugh’. It looks like Mike is laughing, doesn’t it.


Sometimes we seemed to connect. It was a connection only in the sense that two lines connect when they cross over each other.. There was no common area as when circles of a Venn diagram overlap.  What you see here is what it was.

But I’m pretty sure he laughed at that moment.

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