Abstract Portrait of Brother Michael (2017) from my AutismInspiredArt Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop is called AutismInspiredArt. The first set of listings are prints of watercolor portraits of my brother Mike. The one below was painted in 2017 and contains some of the iconography I was playing with at the time. It was very difficult to communicate with my brother, who was autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. This painting is one of my tableau of imaginary symbols, some depicting Mike’s physical traits and other representing his unknowable space.

I welcome those of you who have not visited my blog (davisbrotherlylove.com) before, to check out the early entries (circa 2013) for more backstory to my relationship with Mike.

Watercolor Print - Abstract Portrait of Brother Michael (2017) - Etsy Listing
Abstract Portrait of Brother Michael (2017)
Watercolor Print
Etsy Listing

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