Travel Day Back to California

I travel back home to California today. I write this before I travel just in case my trip is as disastrous as the trip out here (see Red Eye From Hell).  I anticipate that the drive to JFK airport will unleash familiar feelings of previous trips there in the winter. The bare sticks of trees that line the turnpike always make me think of the winters I experienced growing up. Solitary walks outside, pretending that I was an explorer. Mostly I remember the barrenness.

I had a wonderful visit to see Mom on her 90th birthday with a bonus of seeing other family members that I hadn’t seen or spoken with in a long time.

It was really hard leaving. I don’t think Mom had such a good night. I woke up a couple of times to help her. She had a headache and was a little itchy. She seemed very unrested in the morning. It is not good to be without rest, but it seems terribly important to be well rested when one is 90 years old.  I hope she is well enough to play bridge tonight.

Photograph: Unrested Mom

Unrested Mom
Digital Photo

I hate to leave her like this. I miss her already.


Photograph: At the Gate at JFK

At the Gate
Digital Photo

I’m at the airport now. So far so good. Even the looming gray clouds seemed to have dissipated, or I can’t see them from my vantage point here at Terminal 5.


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