Returning Home

I am writing this at JFK waiting for the flight back home. To all those we didn’t get a chance to visit in New York hopefully next time we will be able to see you all. We had a wonderful, relaxing trip welcoming William to the world in Chicago and off to see Mom in New Jersey. It was a great chance to catch up.

From NJ to JFK

It was a schlep! Part of the trip took us through Staten Island, where Willowbrook used to be. Willowbrook was a large state-run mental institution closed in the late 1970s when wide-spread abuse was uncovered. My brother was a resident there from the mid 1960s until it closed. My family and I visited him often back then.

There is no trace of it today, that I saw during the ride to the airport. I think there is a community college there now.

Just as well. There are not a lot of happy memories from Willowbrook.

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