Lesson 3

Today’s warmup exercise: Graded washes have a real application in watercolors. Today I practiced with the ‘gray’ mixture I concocted in my first (published) warmup exercise (Scales).  Instead of gray, it is purplish. After I painted the first graded wash (that deposits more pigment at the top of the picture) in the small sections of […]

Jumping the Sun

Today’s watercolor experiment: I began by wetting the lower right portion of my paper with an arced sweep of a 3″ brush. Next, I used a 1/2″ brush to drag carmine pigment into this pool after a couple of zig-zags on the dry paper. I love the dividing line between wet and dry. I imagined that cadmium yellow […]

Opera Rose Fantasy

Today’s watercolor experiment: Lately I have been applying latex masking fluid (frisket) to my watercolor paper as a first step in painting my abstract studies. I add all my pigments (inks and watercolor washes) after the frisket has cured. This leaves paper-white traces on the finished study, after I remove the mask. Today I wanted to […]

Trying Hard to be Simple

We have a lot of flowers around since the kids left. There’s this pink one that is Joy’s favorite.  I thought I’d take a stab at representing it in watercolors. Today’s experiment I sketched this flower from life, as it was right outside, but I referred to the photograph in order to get the correct […]